Winflow Ball Valves

WINFLOW Ball valves are widely used in
All types of Instruments, Control panels and pilot plants,
Refineries, Process plants, Laboratories and Power Plants,
Hydraulic and Pneumatic piping,
The field of Chromatography, Steam generation and food processing, High-pressure Hydraulic systems and Equipments.
Many other areas of instrumentation and research.

  1. Pressure up to 5000psi (345bar).
  2. Temperature from 65°F (19.5 C)to 450°F (232 C).
  3. Free floating ball allows pressure actuation in closed position.
  4. Rugged construction for long life.
  5. Quick 1/4 turn actuation.
  6. Highest level of leak free integrity.
  7. Full material traceability.
  8. Choice of different handles.
  9. Available with choice of Pneumatic and electric actuators.

All dimensions are for reference purpose only & subject to change.