Winflow Needle valves

WINFLOW Needle valves are widely used for severe service operation as regulating and shut­off valves in many critical high pressure as well as vacuum applications on fluid line connections like

Natural gas lines, Gas sampling lines
Test benches, Control panels,
Instrument Air lines
Hydraulic power systems
Flow meters, Manifolds
Drain, Vents, Pressure gauges and Transmitters Etc.


  1. Pressure up to 6000psi (412 )bar.
  2. Temperature from 70°F(21°C) to 450°F(232°C) with standard TFE packing and up to 1200°F with optional Graf oil packing.
  3. Orifice sizes of 0.156"(3.962) to 0.437111.0998).
  4. Choice of soft seat, V and Ball Tip stem design.
  5. Straight and angle pattern.
  6. Many combinations of end connections.
  7. Full raw material traceability, Testing & Identification.

All dimensions are for reference purpose only & subject to change.